BaDD Juju

Badd Juju


Written by BaDD Juju
Arrangements by BaDD Juju


Felix Gonzales: Vocals
Cass Holland: Guitars and Keys
David Meidinger: Bass
Eric Jansen: Drums

MIXED & MASTERED at Holland Studios – Denver, Colorado.


BaDD JuJu is a Colorado group known far and wide for their exciting, passionate performances and their soulful, heartfelt songwriting. Their songs originate from a love and passion in their souls to touch the very heart of everyone within listening distance. BaDD JuJu creates a musical tsunami of unequaled passion to seduce you into submission!

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NotMyBaDD by BaDD JuJu
Sour Pickles
War for Your Mind
Love & Guitars
September Song
Latin Flavor
Project X
Dave’s Song
Irish Girl


We Are Who We Are
Cleopatra Jonez
Welcome To Reality
Don’t Care
When Angels Cry
Glad You Came
Gimme Da Juice
Git Da Itch
Against the World

© 2012 BADD JUJU All Rights Reserved

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  1. That’s it…I’m wearing my BJJ shirt this weekend. NOW you’ve done it!

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